Why start a white glove data Company?

We formed IndustrySync in early 2018 because the focus of Home Decor Manufacturers finally started to change.  The online channel kept growing, traditional Sales Reps could not support digital efforts, and Distributors were needing more and more help to promote products online.  So we built our platform to do just that.

  • We work with both sides of the equation, Manufacturers and Distributors

  • We all come from the Home Decor space, online retail or Manufacturer Rep, so we have been in your shoes

  • Our platform is brand agnostic, we built it to house all of them

  • Our data is website agnostic, we can customize to any of them

  • And our goal is simple, to make our Clients more profitable by taking the 'busy work' off their plates

The Team:

IS Headshot1_edited.jpg


Co-Founder & COO

​A veteran of the online Home Decor space,  Greg knows the value of refined data  - responsible for new business, refinery operations and making sure we deliver undeniable performance.

Duane Richardson

Director of Business Development | Client Success

​A veteran in the lighting industry in the online space.  Duane joins our team with a wealth of knowledge from our industry knowing what our clients expect, and has a mission to develop our business and find better ways for us to better serve our customer's needs.



Platform Manager - Salesforce & Repzio

​Dan specializes in platform architecture, ensuring our Salesforce backend is optimized, secure, and evolving to meet the needs of all our Clients.  Dan is also our Repzio expert and really pushes the envelope to get the most out of their platform. If we need to make things work, Dan is the guy to figure it out.



AWS Engineer

Gene brings his extensive AWS experience to the table and adds the technical element to our Team that we need to keep us ahead of the pack.  Gene heads our automation and scalability efforts, making us more effective and efficient in providing our unparalleled white glove services.

ryan timlin.jpg


Data & Image Integration Specialist

Living in the data, Ryan ensures the data is clean, accurate, and delivered timely, no matter how bad the source data is to start with.  Ryan manages the day to day of our full stack white glove data operations.



Data Mining Specialist

Vikas creates elegant scripts that help find and supplement the data gaps our standardization processes identify.



3D Designer

Maryna works magic with the 2D and CAD files to truly create works of art, rendering incredibly accurate textures and images in high res 3D.