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IndustrySync Press Releases

Matthews Fan Company Wants a Better Showroom & Online Product Experience!

November 15


Summary: Product information and imagery drive sales -- errors and delays cost money -- IndustrySync’s White Glove Data Services solves that problem and makes Distributors really happy

Retail Reality

Home Decor Retailers are fighting for every online eyeball and conversion, with 800lb gorillas like Wayfair and, looming over the rest.  With digital marketing budgets growing exponentially every year and shipping and return rates eating into margins, Distributors have a herculean task of managing...

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Swarovski Lighting, NA Chooses's 3D Fixture Imagery

for their NEW 2020 Catalog

October 31


Summary: Fixture images rendered from 3D objects is a game changer - all variations, multiple angles and unlimited lifestyle options equals total flexibility.

The Challenge: 

With a big release of NEW product scheduled for January’s Dallas Market, Swarovski Lighting NA has an  incredibly tight timeline, to approve the fixtures final designs, have them ready to show in Dallas, AND have a new print catalog ready for the launch.

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