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Our Mission: 

We are not software...we are an extension of your business.  Manufacturer or Retailer, we listen to your needs and provide you solutions to improve your work flow and save you money!

   1. Standardizing Data for the industry.

  • ​Working with the extraction source (the Vendor) to take busy work off their hands so they can focus on improving their assets instead of how they are delivering the assets.​​

  • Working with the export source (the Retailer) to on-board their product templates to our system and deliver Vendor assets to them the way they want it.

  • Building advanced logic into our system to automate the refining of the data.  Our platform allows us to be able to pull from endless data-sources / tables / and logic to refine data to a whole new level.

   2. Creating an intuitive flow, digitally, end to end.

  • Syncing with our partners - listening to how they want the data, how they want it delivered. If the Retailer has their own service that they like, we can integrate our system into any system so the only thing needed is the nuanced changes to the data.  And of course, the benefit of clean data - not "brand by brand" but rather the entire data set with all their nuances built into the platform.​

  • As time goes on, the logic that is added (one nuance at a time) the system will get smarter and smarter and loading product on your website and into your ERP systems will be faster and more accurate.

   3. Multi-tenancy Platform which will constantly improve the data.​​

  • We will always keep your proprietary nuances as a one way export...but if there are standarizations that are just logical, like the bulb shape, "A19", or main category types, "Bath Vanity Light", then these changes will reflect across the entire product warehouse.​

   4. Community Portal

  • Our refinery sits on the same platform  as the Community Portal, allowing for an amazing experience for the client user.  Secure access, dynamic updates, bulk transfer capabilities and high transfer rates are just some of the benefits of this architecture.

  • Advanced business analytics means powerful reporting is at their fingertips, drilling in to the data to provide actionable intelligence.

  • If all that sounds great, but all you want is the data, we can export into your FTP or Dropbox or API name it we will do it.

​   5. Scalability​

  • As we add more Vendors and more Distributors to our system, this multi-tenancy platform will operate faster and more efficiently and will continue to raise the we expand on our capabilities.  This means all of our users will benefit from new features that will enhance the overall effectiveness as well as the functionality of the system.​

   6. We care

  • We understand the relationships in the business, the conflicts of interest that could present themselves in the minds of all of our partners and we realize that if we provide a platform that works with "any" system and any service...that is a winning model because we are a service that can be "added" to any service...and there might be things that you need us to focus on that possibly your current apps or processes aren't doing.  Therefore, this can only help raise the bar and will only add value to the equation.

  • ​We know it is rare to find "one" out of the box solutions for anything; therefore, we will embrace any product or process and integrate or suggest affordable solutions to fully automate the flow.  We want as many parts of this company to operate through our automation process to allow us to stay light on our feet and add more logic into our systems automation features.

  • Lastly, we might not know all the answers...but we do know what to ask and how to find the answers and that is our relentless mission at  We will not rest until we find a solution to make our goal:  automated digital flow from the extraction point to the export.

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