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The following terms govern Industry Sync’s collection, use of and responsibilities regarding your personal information on Industry (the “Site”). Using the Site indicates that you accept the terms of this Privacy Policy.


The Site is owned and operated by Industry Sync, LLC (collectively “Industry Sync”, “we” and “our”). Industry Sync manages the collection, storage and use of all personal information with the exception of your payment and credit card information. We may change this Privacy Policy at any time. We will post the new policy on the Site and notify our members that a change has been made.

Your privacy is very important to us and we take every measure to protect it. If you have questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, please contact us.



i. Registration Information
On registration, we collect information about you and your company. This includes: your name, your work email address, your company name and company information such as address and website.


ii. Session Information
We may also collect information from your user session, such as your IP address, browser type and which pages you use in order to improve the Site.


iii. Payment Information
If you sign up for our hosted viewer, you will need to submit payment information in order for us to process your transactions. Your payment information is collected by our secure third party payment processing provider and is never seen or stored by Industry Sync or Industry Sync’s servers.




2.1. Provide the Best, Most Secure Industry Sync Experience Possible
We use the personal information above to verify each and every member of Industry Sync so you can be sure you’re part of a secure community. We use the information to create your account and enable you to actively use the functionality we provide, including transferring and managing assets and creating viewers. We also use the information to understand how different members use the Site in order to expand our features and services.


2.2 Keep it Private
Industry Sync will not disclose your personal information to anyone outside Industry Sync. Ever. We also use SSL encryption to protect your payment information during submission to our third party payment processing provider. Industry Sync will never see or store your payment information. While we take every precaution to protect your information, the internet is fallible, and we cannot completely guarantee its security.

2.3. Contact You
Industry Sync will use your personal information to contact you via email regarding with account-related information, our newsletter and relevant marketing promotions. You may unsubscribe to our newsletter or marketing emails at any point, but we will still need to contact you with important messages regarding your account. You will continue to receive emails when other users take actions on Industry Sync that directly involve you, such as sharing assets with you.




3.1 Your Contacts’ Information
When you send invitations, asset requests, or individual assets outside the Industry Sync system, we will ask you for the email address of your contact. We may send your contacts additional emails introducing them to the system, but they are able to unsubscribe at any time to be permanently removed from the Industry Sync mailing list.


3.2 Cookies
Industry Sync does use cookies to store certain information about you so the system can remember certain preferences for you automatically. If you would like to refuse cookies, you should set your browser to do so. Without cookies, however, you may limit your ability to access the Site.



You can view your personal information and the information about your company on your Account page. If you would like to change the information, you can request a change by using the links provided for you. Any changes to your personal or company information will require verification for security purposes.

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